Movin on up!


While our flood bound bike shop was packed up in a U-Haul–thankfully no water in our boots, we decided to take the opportunity to unpack in a new space just around the corner from our original location. We hadn’t planned on making this move until the end of the year, so while we’re currently closed, we’ll be spending the next two weeks putting it all back together and will reopen mid-October. Thanks for your patience and to the many family, friends, and patrons that have been along for this ride, we owe you a huge one. Our new address will be 208 C 12th Ave SE. See you soon!

Come hell or high water…


We’ll get through this, but we’ll be closed until further notice with the anticipation of the inevitable flood approaching our community. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much to all the friends and family who came together to help us pack up our shop into safe storage and sandbag the foundation of our entire neighborhood. We couldn’t have done this without you. Stay tuned for updates as we plan to re-open as soon as we possibly can.

Don’t miss this one!


RadTour Iowa City is starting at New Pioneer Coop in Iowa City. The Post Ride Fiesta will be held at Iowa City Brewlab. Featured Farms for the 2016 tour are:Anna’s Cutting Garden, Rapid Creek Ranch, and theUI Student Garden. Featured Chefs include: Brittni Laub of New Pi Coop, Matt Georges of Griddle Me This!, Dan Knowles of Devotay, and Julie Parisi of Zaza’s Pastas. Check out all of the rad Superhero Farmers and Rockstar Chefs around that we are proud to feature! 

Two route options available. The official route is 37 miles of almost entirely paved roads. A 43 mile option is available for those who want to add a few more miles and some tasty gravel to their day.


Heads up!

The shop will be closed for Labor Day and we’re going to spend it riding bikes. You should too! We’ll be open from 10am – 2pm tomorrow (Sunday) if you need any last minute odds and/or ends for your holiday cruise.