CLOSED June 23rd/24th for Swift Campout!

Cedar Rapids Swift Campout final dispatch! First things first, the shop is open today, Friday, June 22nd from 11am-7pm but will be CLOSED Tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

To all the wanderlusters teaming up with us for this weekend’s Swift Campout, we’ve got a few important details and reminders to share…

1) This is a 100% self-supported ride. Please bring EVERYTHING that you’ll need to stay comfortable on and off the bike.

2.) Bring yourself packed up, fueled up, and ready to roll out from the shop by 10am tomorrow for about 30, no-drop miles to our campsites. Grab breakfast from our friends in the neighborhood Parlor City or Brewhemia who both start serving at 8am on Saturdays. We’re planning on stopping for lunch at Sag Wagon North in Center Point. We will be packing our own dinner and breakfast essentials for Sunday morning. You should too!

3.) Bring your best bug repellent game, friends. The mosquitos can be brutal out there this time of year!

4.) While the ride out to camp is a big ol’ group effort, know that Sunday’s ride home is totally on your own terms. Pack it out whenever you’re ready! There’s a really good chance you’ll find a few new friends to ride home with.

Oh man. We are so stoked! See y’all tomorrow! #swiftcampout

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